Riding Wild follows Dink, a BMX-lifer, who has found artistic expression when he concocts a plan to build a series of trails in a piece of forgotten woods in the city of Baltimore.  What started as a farfetched capper has grown as a two-year old refuge for Dink and his band of cohorts who hail from a neighborhood known as Pigtown. The film was awarded a Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund production grant in 2016.  

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Montana International Film Festival - 2018.png

-Montana International Film Festival 2018 - Special Jury: Documentary Feature
-Threadbare Mitten Film Festival 2018 - Stranger Than Fiction Award
-Lost River Film Festival 2018
-Action on Film International Film Festival 2018
-Druid Underground Film Festival 2018

The Crooked Tune: an Old Time Fiddler in a Modern World (2015)

For eight years, filmmaker Charles Cohen has followed Dave Bing, one of this country's preeminent Old Time fiddlers, from the backwoods of West Virginia to the pubs in England and back again. The result is an exploration of a thriving musical form that is no need of saving but rather prefers to twist and turn under the radar, which ironically is the very attraction for the young and old looking for a break from the digital age. It makes Dave Bing wonder can Old Time survive its newfound success?

Winning Ugly is a Beautiful Thing - Short Documentary (2012)

Watch what happens when you take your get rich scheme to the streets. This is a story of a T-shirt, a bungling entrepreneur, and the Ravens tailgate scene.  

Biker Mom - Short Documentary (2011)

An ex-mountain biker champion takes her skills and her kids through the streets of Baltimore.

Blue Comma (2009)

This documentary introduces Jim Hall, a former career planner with the City of Baltimore who reveals his big secret after he retires.

Going All Pro: The Story of the World Greatest Beer Vendor (2008)

This documentary follows Fancy Clancy as he balances his status as one of the greatest beer vendors to ever run the stairs with his dream of running a vending company landing one stadium contract after another.  

Mole in the Ground (2004)

This documentary is about Phillip Roebuck who made a decent living busking in New York. New York may be tolerant to street musicians (at least in 2004), but the Darwinism is in full effect. If you didn't win the crown you would flounder and quickly become indistinguishable from the crazies. But if you hit your mark, money would follow. This is a story about how one musician found his mark.

The Last Season: The Life and Demolition of Memorial Stadium (2002)

The Last Season captures the colorful characters that made Memorial Stadium, home of the storied Colts and Orioles, the "World's Largest Outdoor Insane Asylum." By weaving stories told by sports heroes with recollections from the salt of the earth faithful fans, this 72 minute documentary reflects the passions and rowdiness of a stadium where you could bring in your own beer, and the cheers emanated from the fans, not from a prompting scoreboard. Visit memorialstadium.org for more information and to purchase a DVD.