At Eyesore Productions, we believe in getting the story and the rest will follow. People are media savvy and can see right through a predictable fluff piece. We know how to cultivate your narrative, and find the images and sound to forge a true visual experience.  We don't want to let every picture tell a story. We want to propel that story towards a succinct, definitive result.

Eyesore Productions was founded by Charles Cohen who has produced and directed several award-winning documentaries including The Last Season: The Life and Death of Memorial Stadium, Going All Pro: The Story of the World Greatest Beer Vendor, as well as The Crooked Tune: an Old Time Fiddler in a Modern World. 

Cohen’s storytelling is rooted in two decades of writing for newspapers and magazines. He has served as staff writer for newspapers and placed articles in publications such as The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post and The Baltimore City Paper. Cohen graduated from American University in 2014 with an MFA in Film and Electronic Media.