Contact:  Charles Cohen,,  443-668-8438

Recent Work: Breaking The Prison Cycle: Ex -Offenders rally in Annapolis for curbing obstacles in hopes of getting a job. 
On Tap: Mini-doc on the state politics and the day to day reality of non-violent ex-offenders trying to gets job.
On -Going: New Life for Old Time, The true life adventures of a Modern Day Fiddler Dave Bing. Having spent  much of his youth with the Hammons of West Virginia, Bing  emerges as a tour guide for the much mis-understood genre of  Old Time, bringing credence to the phrase, "The Past isn't dead. It's not even the past." 

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Fresh Baked Video: Winning Ugly: a short video following a street peddler as he takes on the Ravens Tailgate Scene to convince a skeptical public that what they need is to buy into the philosophy that Winning Ugly is a beautiful thing. For Ten bucks.
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